Dionne Younce Snapchat – Florida Gym Teacher

Dionne Younce is the Florida gym teacher fired for sending inappropriate Snapchat messages to multiple students.  Younce was a Physical Education teacher at Allen D. Nease High School in Ponte Vedra, Florida.  Police report that the 29-year-old sent nude photos of herself via Snapchat.  Younce reminds us that Snapchat was originally a sexting app.

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Younce is originally from Louisiana and is very smart.  In 2011 she was named to Southeastern Louisiana University’s Honors List.  Dionne reminds us that one stupid mistake can change everything.  In September 2016, Younce pleaded guilty to having sex with a student.  She was sentenced to one year in prison.

Dionne Younce Snapchat Florida Gym Teacher
Dionne Younce Snapchat Florida Gym Teacher

Younce was initially arrested for the Snapchat messages but then the police found additional evidence of foul play.  One of her 17-year-old students revealed that he had sex with Younce, at her apartment, on multiple occasions.  After Dionne is released from jail, she will be on probation for five years.

The case is trending again because many people are just finding out that she’s in prison.  The incident forces us to consider how we look at gender inequality in today’s society.  If Younce was a man and I was the judge, I would have sentenced him to life behind bars.  If I were the judge on Younce’s actual case, I would have given her probation.

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