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Did Robert Kraft Have A Stroke?

Did Robert Kraft have a stroke? He could barely speak during the trophy presentation.  The New England Patriots owner is currently 75-years-old.  The Pittsburgh Steelers fans I watched the game with blamed Kraft’s inability to function on the alcohol he most likely consumed.  When you’re worth more than $5 billion you can drink as much liquor as you please.


Kraft hasn’t had any serious health issues therefore he was most likely drunk.  Robert is one of the most loved, and the most successful owner in the NFL.  He has won four Super Bowls as owner of the Patriots.  The Atlanta Falcons will try to ruin Super Bowl LI for the Patriots.  This is Atlanta’s second appearance in the Super Bowl therefore they’re more hungry than New England.

Did Robert Kraft Have A Stroke?
Did Robert Kraft Have A Stroke?

It’s difficult to bet against Tom Brady.  While the Falcons will do anything to win their first Super Bowl, Tom Brady is unstoppable.  Brady was selected in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft and he is arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time.

In the video above, Eric Thomas explains exactly why the Patriots will win Super Bowl LI.  Brady reached his lowest low prior to entering the NFL.  He was devastated on the day of the draft and has been on a revenge path ever since.
Thomas even describes a quarterback similar to the Falcon’s Matt Ryan.  Eric says that when certain players are accustomed to winning their entire careers, they’re unable to handle adversity.  Ryan was chosen number 3 in the 2008 NFL Draft.  Unlike Brady, he’s been a star player his entire career.


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