Darnell – First Family Of Hip Hop, Sugarhill Records

Darnell from First Family of Hip Hop is the future of Sugar Hill Records.  In episode 1 of the show’s first season, “The Empire Strikes Back” we meet Darnell Roy, the grandson of Sylvia Robinson.  She is the mastermind behind some of hip hop’s most popular songs, including “Rapper’s Delight” and “The Message.”

Darnell most likely looks familiar.  He appeared on My Super Sweet 16 in 2006.  Juelz Santana, J. Isaac and Rihanna made appearances at his party.  He arrived to his party with Rihanna, atop a camel.  The theme of his party was Coming To America and he received a Mercedes-Benz S550.

Darnell First Family Of Hip Hop Sugar Hill Records
Darnell First Family Of Hip Hop Sugar Hill Records

In episode 1 we see Darnell argue with his girlfriend, Eseni.  Darnell is working with a new artist, Ayenaomi.  Eseni lives with Darnell and he didn’t tell her that Ayenaomi was coming to the house.  Darnell gets very upset after Eseni calls Ayenaomi a b****.

The above tweet explains the problem.  Darnell lives in his father’s house, where business comes first.  If Darnell and Eseni lived in a separate house, it would be easier for Darnell to keep his relationship separate from his business life.

Like Hakeem on Empire, Darnell has the swag to make it to the top of the hip hop industry but he has some growing up to do.  What did you think about the first episode of First Family of Hip Hop? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

By Jason John

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