Courtney Barnes – Cam Model

Courtney Barnes is the cam model with a 59 inch booty.  Scroll to the video at the end of this post to see why she regrets getting injections.  She explains that she didn’t know her booty would be so big.  She says that people are typically shocked when they see her from the back.  Shantava Mensa, Courtney’s friend, explains that Miami, Florida is fake so people love Courtney’s assets.

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Shantava says her and Barnes have to go out with male friends so people won’t bother Courtney.
Barnes graduated with an economics degree and fully understands the supply and demand theory.  Courtney’s product is her assets and they’re in demand.

Courtney Barnes Cam Model
Courtney Barnes Cam Model

Barnes has over 429k followers on Instagram.

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Courtney uses the photo-sharing app to promote her services.  The link in her bio leads to a page that prompts users to subscribe for $11.99 per month.

Courtney Barnes Cam Model
Courtney Barnes Cam Model

Barnes explains that her injections were illegal and she’s getting all the wrong attention.  She’s now considering a reduction and we see her visit a plastic surgeon.  The plastic surgeon says that Courtney’s booty is the largest one he has ever seen.  He inspects the 32-year-old’s booty and says he feels multiple lumps and bumps.

Think twice before you get silicone injections.