Corey – Being Mary Jane, Travis Winfrey, Omar On Single Ladies, Gay?

Travis Winfrey plays Corey on Being Mary Jane, Mary Jane’s (Gabrielle Union) love interest.  If he looks familiar it’s because he played Omar Kearse on Single Ladies.  Omar is a gay employee at a boutique but in reality Travis is not gay.  He auditioned to play a straight character on the series and was offered the opportunity to play a gay character.

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Many actors would have turned down the opportunity but not Travis.  In Being Mary Jane season 4, episode 2, “Getting Naked” we find out that Ronda’s husband, Ellison is a cheater.  Ronda is as sharp as they come.  When Mary Jane tells her about her husband’s foul ways, she moves fast to create a lie and protect herself.

Corey Being Mary Jane
Corey Being Mary Jane

Travis came and went, before Mary Jane could make him her Black Unicorn.  As soon as Ronda hears about the information that Mary Jane has discovered, she turns the story around and throws Corey under the bus.

Ronda announced that an associate has been embezzling money from her charity.  Corey tells Mary Jane that he’s the associate.  Ronda forces him to take the fall.

Mary Jane almost ruined her relationship with Lee, the comedian, to pursue Corey.  Unlike Lee, Corey doesn’t have any children.

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