Chris Brown Vs Soulja Boy – Date

The date of the Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy fight will have to be rescheduled.  Soulja Boy was arrested, again, for violating his gun probation.  The rapper had guns that were stolen from a Huntington Beach Police vehicle.  The rapper will now have to shift his focus from preparing for the fight to staying out of jail.

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Soulja Boy has some of the best lawyers money can buy.  His lawyers are telling him that it’s all about his reputation.  If a judge hears about Soulja Boy’s fight with Chris Brown and gang affiliation, the judge may think Soulja Boy’s a bad person.  If the same judge heard about Soulja Boy’s positive contributions to society, the judge would give the rapper the benefit of the doubt.

Chris Brown Vs Soulja Boy Date
Chris Brown Vs Soulja Boy Date

In the video below, Soulja Boy is interviewed at an airport.  He provides information about the fight but the statements were made before his recent arrest.  The rapper explains that the fight will take place in Las Vegas or Los Angeles in March 2017.

Soulja Boy says he has 2 months to train and he thinks he’ll defeat Chris Brown.

From Quavo to Chris Brown, Soulja Boy can’t stop beefing with people.  That’s why he finds it necessary to have a gun, no matter what he has to do to get one.

Check out Soulja Boy in the video below:

The following video discusses Soulja Boy’s most recent arrest: