Charles From Sweetie Pie’s – Comes Out, Net Worth

Charles Crenchaw’s aka Lil Charles’ net worth is $100,000.  Crenchaw is Robbie Montgomery’s nephew.  In the video at the end of this post, Charles’ cousin, Tim Norman, discusses Charles’ sexuality.  While many believe that Charles is gay, he has not come out.  In the video below, Tim explains that he was dating a female.  Tim says that he maintains a don’t ask, don’t tell relationship with Charles.


In episode 6 of Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s season 7, “Something’s Gotta Give” we see Tim show Charles his new business venture.  Bruce, the Floor Manager, is upset with Tim after finding out that the Chef is being promoted.  Chloe, the Team Leader, agrees with Bruce.  She explains that Tim is finding new positions for new people and leaving her, Charles and Bruce behind.

Charles From Sweetie Pie's Comes Out Net Worth
Charles From Sweetie Pie’s Comes Out Net Worth

Chloe, Charles and Bruce want to speak to Tim about their concerns but they don’t think he’ll listen.  The last time they tried to talk to him he just walked off.  Charles thinks they should try to corner him.  He fears that he’s being stiff armed out of another position.

The hilarious tweet above points out that Charles hasn’t been working too hard lately.  He has been working at Sweetie Pies for over a decade.  He has served, cooked, washed dishes, worked the register and handled deliveries.

In the video below, Tim discusses Lil Charles’ sexuality:


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