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Catch Me Outside How Bout Dat Girl – Dead?

The “catch me outside how bout dat” girl is not dead.  Danielle Ann did not commit suicide and she is not in the hospital.  The 13-year-old appeared on Dr. Phil late last year.  Her mother, Barbara Ann, reached out to Dr. Phil because of Danielle’s behavior.  Barbara explained that she was considering handing Danielle over to the authorities.

Danielle’s appearance on the talk show went viral thanks to her rude attitude.  The teenager tells members of Dr. Phil’s audience to “catch her outside.” Danielle was outnumbered.  Dr. Phil and his guests, all supported Barbara.  While Danielle definitely needs help, Dr. Phil’s approach was not effective.

Catch Me Outside How Bout Dat Girl Dead?
Catch Me Outside How Bout Dat Girl Dead?

Dr. Phil makes it clear that Danielle is crying out for help.  She’s not a bad person, she’s just lost and confused.  Although Dr. Phil knows that Danielle needs help, he still judges the teen after every comment she makes.

Danielle’s use of urban slang is something Dr. Phil’s not accustomed to.  That doesn’t mean he has the right to talk down to her.

Dr. Phil knows that his ratings increase when there’s drama on his show.  As a result, he’s acting like a mean parent instead of a licensed professional.

We’re hoping Danielle finds a better doctor to help her through her difficulties.  Check out the unforgettable segment below:

By Jason John

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