Brittany Herring – Chicago Kidnapping Mugshot, Facebook Video, Arrested

Brittany Herring is one of the four “Black Lives Matter supporters” arrested for kidnapping a Donald Trump supporter.  Scroll down to see Brittany’s mugshot.  The 18-year-old posted a Facebook Live video showing her and three others torturing a man with special needs.  The incident occurred on Tuesday, January 3, 2017 in Chicago.

Brittany Herring aka Brittany Covington realized she was on Facebook Live while recording the video.  She is too high to realize that she needs to stop the video.  Brittany keeps recording and smoking.

Brittany Herring Chicago Kidnapping Mugshot Facebook Video Arrested
Brittany Herring Chicago Kidnapping Mugshot Facebook Video Arrested

The mugshot above is from Brittany’s October 2016 arrest for larceny.  The video below shows the teens beat the mentally challenged man until his head starts bleeding.

The four attackers are facing possible hate crime charges.  Brittany’s mugshot from the incident is going viral:
Brittany Herring Mugshot
Brittany Herring Mugshot

The incident further divides our nation.  The tweet below explains that if the victim was any other race, the story would receive 24/7 coverage:

There’s no winning for Chicago’s Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.  If the attack is prosecuted as a hate crime people will complain.  If the attack is not prosecuted as a hate crime, people will complain.

The victim and his attackers attend the same school.  The attackers stole a van in the suburbs, kidnapped the victim and brought him to Chicago.

The following tweet explains that Twitter removed the hashtags related to the incident from the Trends list:

The video below provides additional information about the incident.

The horrific incident reminds us of the carjacking that occurred in Chicago in November.  In the video below, a man is brutally dragged out his vehicle and beaten.  The attackers are heard asking the man if he voted for Donald Trump:

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