Black Ink Crew – Cristana Lattimore, Paul Robinson

Cristana “Dutchess” Lattimore and Paul “Puma” Robinson are two of Black Ink Crew‘s biggest stars.  During season 3 of the series, we saw Ceaser beefing with Puma.  The two tattoo artists got into a fight after Puma dropped a piece of chicken on the floor of the shop.  In a recent interview with All Hip Hop, Ceaser revealed that he’s ready to squash his beef with Puma.

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Scroll to the video below to see Ceaser’s interview.  The Black Ink Crew star recently broke up with Dutchess aka Cristana Lattimore.  The Instagram post below shows Ceaser celebrating the single life.  If you were a fan of the couple then you’re devastated.  They have been through ups and downs but their bond was strong.  If Ceaser and Dutchess can’t make it, who can?

Black Ink Crew Cristana Lattimore Paul Robinson
Black Ink Crew Cristana Lattimore Paul Robinson

According to rumors, the former couple broke up because Cease has a secret baby.  Ceaser has denied the rumor but Dutchess seems to believe it’s true.  The couple’s current status is perfect for season 5 of Black Ink Crew.

Check out Ceaser’s interview with All Hip Hop:

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