Azealia Banks Brazil – Offensive Comments

Azealia Banks started 2017 by making an offensive comment about Brazil.  In a Facebook message, she explains that she didn’t know they had Internet in the favela.  A favela is a slum within Brazil’s urban areas.  Azealia is determined to stay in the news.  On Thursday, December 30 she posted an Instagram video showing a closet where she has been sacrificing chickens.

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This is not the first time Azealia Banks has forced her way into the news with ridiculous comments.  In April 2016, the rapper called for Sarah Palin to be raped by multiple black men.  It’s clear that Banks is willing to do and say anything for attention.  She doesn’t consider the negative consequences of her actions, as proven by her comments about Brazil.

Azealia Banks Brazil
Azealia Banks Brazil

The sad part is that favelas are occupied by many poor Afro-Brazilians.  During the transatlantic slave trade, Brazil imported more slaves than any other country.  Starting in the early 1500s to the mid-1800s, nearly 5 million slaves were sent from African to Brazil.  As an African American, you would think Banks would have some remorse for people of African descent.

The tweet above explains that Banks isn’t popular enough for her senseless comments to matter.

Mariah Carey is definitely happy about Banks making a fool of herself.  The comments shifted some of the negative press away from Mariah.