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Alexis Sky is rapper Fetty Wap’s ex-girlfriend.  Fetty Wap was in a relationship with Alexis when he had a one night stand with Masika Kalysha.  In the video at the end of this post, Alexis explains that her and Fetty had an open relationship.  Alexis met Fetty Wap through one of her ex-boyfriends.  Once her and her ex-boyfriend broke up, Alexis hit him up and they fell in love.

Alexis explains that Fetty Wap was her first love.  She’s a former stripper but Fetty Wap motivated her to do more.  Alexis explains that she doesn’t regret getting his real first name, “Willie” tattooed under her ear.  She keeps it real in the interview, revealing that Fetty Wap hurt her heart by having a baby with Masika.

Alexis Sky’s Snapchat username is AlexisSkyy:

Alexis Sky Snapchat Username
Alexis Sky Snapchat Username

Alexis explains that she was famous before her relationship with Fetty Wap.  She says that they were truly in love before the rapper cheated on her.  Famous entertainers would send Alexis direct messages but she would ignore them because she was in love with the rapper.

Alexis further explains that her and Fetty Wap made a mistake by letting the public dictate their relationship.  She says that the negative media attention played a significant role in her and the rapper’s split.

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