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Update: December 28, 2016

Zonnie “Zebo” Pullins pictures are provided in this article.  We’re praying for his daughter, Zonnique Pullins.  Her mother, Tameka “Tiny” Harris filed for divorce from rapper, T.I.  The rapper, whose real name is Clifford Harris, has been in a feud with Tiny’s friend, Floyd Mayweather.  The couple has experienced numerous problems, throughout their six years together and it’s finally over.

Update: July 28, 2016

Inquisitr reports that Zonnique has been disowned by her biological father.  Her mother and stepmother remind us not to handle our personal problems via social media.  Her stepmother, Cheryl, blasted T.I. for claiming Niq as his daughter.  Cheryl and Niq’s maternal father, Zeboe, are currently married.  Cheryl was upset about T.I. taking all the credit for raising Niq.
According to BET the immature argument started because T.I. posted a picture of him and Niq while on vacation.  He added the caption “Mine!!!!” to the image, leading the Family Hustle to transform into a family mess.

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Vibe reports that T.I.’s daughter, Zonnique Pullins (Niq), was arrested at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, GA for carrying a gun.  Niq is actually T.I.’s stepdaughter.  Her father is actually Zonnie “Zeboe” Pullins.
Zonnique Pullins Father Zeboe
Zonnique Pullins Father Zeboe
Wet Paint explains that Tiny became pregnant with Niq back in 1996 when she was dating Zonnie.  Tiny and Zonnie broke up in 1998.  Tiny and Zonnie broke up in 1998 after a 6-year relationship.  Zonnie is currently married to a beautiful woman named Cheryl whom he has two children with.
Niq was carrying the firearm without a permit.  The 20-year-old attempted to pass through the airport’s TSA checkpoint with the gun.  The Ruger 380 semi-automatic pistol was spotted on the X-Ray machine.  When questioned about the firearm, Niq told authorities that she had a weapons permit.
While we’ve seen all of T.I.’s baby mamas on Family Hustle, Zonnie has not made an appearance.  Here’s a throwback pic from Niq’s 14th birthday party.  He is very active in Niq’s life.
Zonnique Pullins Father Zeboe
Zonnique Pullins Father Zeboe
She didn’t have the documentation to prove that she had a weapons permit.  As you know, crimes involving firearms are being treated very serious considering the recent tragedies in Orlando, FL.  T.I. served two terms in prison.  He violated probation twice and who can forget his federal weapons charge.

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