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Young MA Ghost Writer

Young MA’s “ghost writer” is being blamed for her recent “Tooka” lyrics.  The video at the bottom of this post shows Chicago rapper, King Yella calling Young MA out for having a ghost writer.  King Yella got upset with Young MA after she used the phrase “Tooka” in a recent freestyle.  Young MA apologized for her lyrics.

“Tooka” was the nickname of a teen who was murdered in Chicago.  People also use the phrase as a nickname for weed.  Young MA explains that she used the word to describe the marijuana she smokes.  Despite her apology, King Yella continues to take shots at the Brooklyn rapper.  Young MA has not clapped back.

Young MA Ghost Writer
Young MA Ghost Writer

In the video below, King Yella sarcastically apologizes to Young MA.  He says that her lyrics now make sense.  Young MA raps about male body parts she doesn’t actually have.  King Yella throws shots at her, explaining that he will slap her ghost writer.

Young MA calls people out for believing that she has a ghost writer.  She explains that her phone is filled with lyrics that she wrote herself.  We believe Young MA.  Unlike Drake, she doesn’t deliver unbelievable lyrics on a consistent basis.

Thanks to her hit song, “Ooouuu” everyone knows her name.  The track was catchy but it didn’t include any lyrics that she couldn’t have thought of herself.  What do you think? Does Young MA have a ghost writer? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

By Jason John

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