Yandy Smith Kids: How Many Does She Have?

Yandy Smith’s kids were the topic of Love and Hip Hop New York‘s third episode of season 7, “Chest Pains.” Yandy is doing it all.  Her baby father, Mendeecees Harris is locked up so she’s trying to make sure his kids maintain strong relationships with each other.  Yandy Smith has two kids with Mendeecees.

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Mendeecees has four children total.  His first son, Lil Mendeecees, is Yandy’s heart but since Harris has been locked up, Yandy hasn’t seen Lil Mendeecees.  His mother, Samantha Wallace, let Lil Mendeecees spend time at Yandy’s house before Harris got locked up but now things have changed.

Yandy Smith Kids
Yandy Smith Kids

Yandy doesn’t get to see Lil Mendeecees as much as she used to and she’s very upset.  Mendeecees second son’s name is Aasim.  There’s one thing Aasim’s mother, Erika has in common with Samantha: They both hate Yandy Smith.

Omere Harris

Omere Harris was born in 2012 and is currently 4-years-old.  He was Mendeecees third son and Yandy’s first child.

Skylar Smith Harris

Skylar Smith Harris was born on January 26, 2015 and is currently 1-years-old.  She is Mendeecees only daughter and his youngest child.  She is also Yandy’s only daughter and youngest child.
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