Why Was Kodak Black In Prison?

Why was Kodak Black in prison? In 2015 he was arrested in Florida for robbery, battery, false imprisonment of a child and possession of cannabis.  The rapper was 18-years-old at the time.  He was pulled over and the police found weed on him.  Kodak was also driving on a suspended license.  The rapper’s legal issues don’t stop there.

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In April 2016 Kodak Black was arrested again.  Police officers saw the rapper’s car parked at a house in Hallandale Beach, Florida known for drug dealing.  Officers witnessed Kodak’s passenger, Wisdom Williams, purchase marijuana and then then moved to make an arrest.  The rapper sped off and threw his gun into a dumpster.

Why Was Kodak Black In Prison?
Why Was Kodak Black In Prison?

Kodak was eventually stopped and the police found his gun.  The rapper is now a free man but he still must handle his criminal sexual conduct case in South Carolina.

Similar to Bobby Shmurda, the rapper doesn’t choose his friends wisely.  We’re hoping that he can stay out of trouble this time around.  The rapper has posted several social media updates since being released from prison.

In the above tweet, Kodak reveals that he’s single.  Hopefully that doesn’t mean he’s looking for love considering his pending sexual conduct charges.

The following tweet mentions the rapper’s upcoming trial.  If the tweet is true, Kodak will be spending a very long time in prison.

Check out the video below for more information on Kodak’s legal woes.