Why Are Guys Posting Numbers On Facebook?

Guys are posting numbers on Facebook as a prank.  They are posting their shoe sizes or any random number to make people think they’re playing a relationship status game.  They are also posting numbers on Snapchat.  When people search for the key to the game, they’re unable to find anything.  When school’s out, teens go crazy on social media!

It all started on Snapchat.  Females played a game where they used fruit to signify their relationship statuses.  The key to the game wasn’t shared with males.  Guys are now out for revenge.  They are on a mission to confuse females by posting random numbers on multiple social media networks.

Guys Posting Numbers On Facebook
Guys Posting Numbers On Facebook
Facebook has always caused problems for me in my relationship.  People always message me at the absolute worst times and my partner gets very jealous.The following tweet shows a hilarious Facebook post.  Content like this makes it difficult for me to stop using Facebook.

It hasn’t been all fun and games on social media lately.  The video below explains that the company was recently sued by the families of multiple victims killed in the Orlando nightclub shooting.  The lawsuit argues that Facebook made it easy for ISIS to spread its extreme messages:

By Jason John

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