Why Are Guys, Girls Posting Colors On Snapchat Stories And Facebook? – Meaning, Game

Guys and girls are posting colors on their Snapchat Stories and Facebook as a part of the relationship status game.  Unlike the fruit and animal relationship games the color game is a prank.  There is no meaning behind each color.  Females are posting their favorite lipstick colors and males are posting random colors.

Kendall Jenner broke the Internet today after posting her cute new puppy on Snapchat.  The 21-year-old is making headlines after being spotted in Utah with Justin Bieber.  We’re hoping Kendall and Justin play a relationship status game to let us know if they’re dating.  Do you spend the holidays with a person that is just a friend?

Why Are Guys Girls Posting Colors On Snapchat Stories Facebook
Why Are Guys Girls Posting Colors On Snapchat Stories Facebook

Justin and Kendall claim that they’re just friends but we don’t believe them.  They both need to use fruit, planets and animals to let us know their relationship status.

While the tweet above explains that the trend is getting old, Justin and Kendall could keep it going.  If Justin and Kendall were honest about their relationship, an upload from the couple would look like this:
Snapchat Relationship Status Game
Snapchat Relationship Status Game

When you’re as highly sought after as Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner, you spend time with people who make you feel good.
Do you think Justin and Kendall are dating? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

By Jason John

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