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Where Is Juju From? – Cam’ron Girl Nationality

Where is Juju from? The nationality of Cam’ron’s girl, Juju is often questioned.  Juju is Cuban.  On Love and Hip Hop New York she explains that her and Cam took the Internet by storm a few years back and she wasn’t lying.  Cam’ron can care less who sees his future wifey’s assets and Juju also doesn’t mind.

Juju’s was born Juliet C. Although her parents are Cuban, she was born in Brooklyn, New York.  She grew up in Miami.  Many know her as “The Chocolate Cuban” bombshell.  Her positive personality is what sets her apart from the rest.  On Love and Hip Hop New York season 7, we see how happy she makes Cam’ron.

Where Is Juju From? Cam'ron Girl Nationality
Where Is Juju From? Cam’ron Girl Nationality

Juju offers Kimbella some great advice.  She tells her to stop brining up her past problems with Juelz Santana since she has already forgiven him.  Kimbella is a drama queen who needs to take Juju’s advice seriously if she wants her marriage to last.

It’s hard to hear her name without thinking about the song:

Juju definitely looks like Gabrielle Union.  We’re hoping Cam’ron puts a ring on it soon.  10 years is a long time and Juju wants babies.

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