What Does Om Telolet Om Mean?

What does Om Telolet Om mean? It’s an Indonesian joke that’s going viral! Riggi and Piros recently announced their Om Telolet Om bus tour.  The phrase has been trending on Twitter.  Om means uncle and telolet means bus horn.  When people in Indonesia see a bus, they chant the phrase or hold up signs that read “Om Telolet Om.”

When bus drivers hear kids scream the phrase or notice signs that read “Om Telolet Om” they respond by sounding their horn and everyone rejoices: Mission accomplished! Social media brings the world together.  Without social media, trends like Om Telolet Om wouldn’t travel beyond Indonesia.

What Does Om Telolet Om Mean?
What Does Om Telolet Om Mean?

The following tweet by Riggi and Pines explains that the group has an Om Telolet Om bus tour planned:

It’s great seeing the group use the trend to reach listeners around the world.  Social media has the power to bring different cultures together.  People who would have never interacted with each other are now establishing friendships thanks to platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The tweet above jokes that there’s a deleted scene in Fast and Furious that shows Vin Diesel chasing a bus with a Om Telolet Om sign.  If the trend continues to grow in popularity, we’ll definitely see it mentioned in some 2017 films.


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