Valerie Fairman Daughter Naveah

Valerie Fairman’s daughter, Naveah, is currently 7-years-old.  Naveah is currently with Valerie’s mother, Janice.  Naveah has lived with her grandmother because Valerie was not in the right state of mind to care for her.  Naveah surprisingly went to school, despite finding out that her mother passed away.

We met Valerie on the MTV series 16 and Pregnant.  The series explored the lives of young mothers, revealing the difficulties of becoming pregnant too soon.  While there are good mothers out there who gave birth at an early age, most females find it difficult to care for their newborn.

Valerie Fairman Daughter
Valerie Fairman Daughter

Valerie is now motherless.  Janice believes that Valerie died of an overdose.  The following tweet explains the negative impact addiction can have on families.  Valerie was a child, attempting to raise a child.  If there’s one lesson we can learn it’s the importance of patience.

MTV hit the nail on the head with the series.  When 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom airs, people use social media to share information about safe sex.  If Valerie would have waited to have a baby, she may not have turned to drugs.  Females that wait until they’re 18 to give birth are more likely to have a safer pregnancy.

By Jason John

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