Valerie Fairman Baby Daddy – Did She Die?

According to multiple media outlets, Valerie Fairman has sadly passed away.  Valerie’s baby daddy is Matt.  Scroll down to see a picture of the couple.  Last year, the former MTV reality star was arrested for prostitution.  A few months after she was arrested, she announced that she was expecting her second baby.

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The father of Valerie’s second child is boyfriend, Bosi.  While some MTV reality stars use the platform for fame, Valerie’s life went downhill after 16 and Pregnant.  She continued to have unprotected sex and she started abusing drugs.

Valerie Fairman Baby Daddy, Did She Die?
Valerie Fairman Baby Daddy, Did She Die?

On Thursday, December 15, 2016, she was taken into custody for resisting arrest and providing false identification to a police officer.

Valerie Fairman
Valerie Fairman

The very sad tweet below explains that Valerie won’t have to suffer any additional pain.  The message also mentions Valerie’s daughter, who we’ll definitely be praying for.

It’s difficult to accept a person’s death.  Valerie reminds us how short life is.  We don’t get to rewind time, so appreciate every moment you have left.

Spend more time with your loved ones and stop dwelling on things you can’t change.  No matter what you do, you won’t make it out alive therefore what’s the point of stressing?

Valerie is gone, but we’ll never forget her!