Too Sweet Queen Sugar Isaac White

Isaac White plays Too Sweet on Queen Sugar.  In the season 1 finale episode, “Give Us This Day” we see Too Sweet heading to Community College and Nova (Rutina Wesley) is very excited.  Nova’s hard work is paying off.  Too Sweet was locked up for no reason, leading Nova to advocate for him.

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Too Sweet almost accepted a plea deal but Nova informed him that plea deals are used to stop African Americans from proving their innocence in court.  In one of the saddest scenes of season 1, Officer Calvin, Nova’s love interest, helps Nova gain access to see in the hospital.  The 17-year-old was beat up in prison and suffered serious injuries.

Too Sweet Queen Sugar
Too Sweet Queen Sugar

You may recognize Isaac White from Lee Daniels’ The Butler.  In the film, he played Charlie Gaines at age 10.  Queen Sugar is filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana where Isaac was born and raised.  He graduated from Patterson High School in 2015.

White started auditioning for roles in 2012.  In 2013 he played Arkel in the television movie Adopted.  In 2014, the talented actor appeared in two episodes of Chicago P.D. as D’Anthony.

Hopefully we’ll see more of Too Sweet in season 2 of the series.  Nova’s love for Too Sweet was beautiful to witness.  In the finale we saw just how dangerous Nova’s job can be.  Her boyfriend got into a fight with a fellow police officer after Nova introduces herself.