Taraji P. Henson Christmas Special

Taraji P. Henson’s Christmas Special, White Hot Holidays, was unforgettable.  The most amazing moment featured Taraji, Cendric the Entertainer and Wanda Sykes dissing Donald Trump in a reindeer sketch.  In the sketch, Wanda played Sparkle and Cedric played Rudolph.  They wanted to be on Santa’s sleigh team.

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Henson wanted to make sure everyone knows that she voted for Hillary Clinton.  Taraji is also a reindeer, excited to be on Santa’s sleigh team.  Wanda shatters her hopes, telling Taraji that she wouldn’t make the team since she’s a girl.  Henson then proclaims that this was supposed to be the first year we saw a woman in office but the nation chose a “orange-nosed clown with blonde hair!”

Taraji P. Henson Christmas Special
Taraji P. Henson Christmas Special

Tyler Perry’s appearance on the special left us all begging for another film from the pair:

I Can Do Bad All by Myself Part 2!?

Snoop Dogg’s performance of “U Name It” was hilarious:

Missy Elliott teamed up with TLC to deliver an epic performance of “Sleigh Ride”:

Who knew that Angelo DuBois, aka Taye Diggs, could sing!?

It was great seeing Tyrese Gibson perform.  Him and Taraji have maintained a strong bond since Baby Boy.  Check out Ne-Yo, Tyrese and Taye’s magnificent performance below:

What did you think about Taraji’s White Hot Holidays Christmas Special?
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