Stephanie Pazmino, Ijan DaVonte Jarrett – Transgender Stabbing, Hate Crime

Stephanie Pazmino has been charged with assault as a hate crime after stabbing a transgender man on the subway.  Stephanie stabbed Ijan DaVonte Jarrett, a 44-year-old on a No. 4 train in East Harlem, New York.  The incident occurred on Christmas night.  Stephanie is a 30-year-old Spanish woman while Ijan is black.

Ijan is a hair stylist from the Bronx, New York.  He was sitting next to Stephanie’s cousin so he offered Stephanie his seat.  Stephanie declined Ijan’s offer and told her cousin that she didn’t want to sit next to a black person.  Ijan got up and told Stephanie that she didn’t have to sit next to him.  He then sat in the row across from Stephanie and her cousin.

Stephanie Pazmino Ijan DaVonte Jarrett Transgender Stabbing Hate Crime
Stephanie Pazmino Ijan DaVonte Jarrett Transgender Stabbing Hate Crime

When Ijan tried to get off at the 125th Street Station, Stephanie attacked him by stabbing him several times.  The NYPD reports that Stephanie stabbed Ijan in his face, arm and hand with a 2-inch knife.  Jarrett explains that he didn’t provoke her and is not sure why she did it.
Ijan had to get 100 stitches after the attack.

Stephanie appeared in court on Tuesday, December 27, 2016.  Her lawyer argued that Stephanie acted in self-defense after Ijan attempted to take her eyes out.  Stephanie lives in a home for women with psychiatric problems.  The judge set her bail at $4,000 and charged her with second degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

Sadly, this isn’t the first horrific incident to occur in NYC’s subway:

By Jason John

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