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Shondale “Tooka” Gregory, Young MA

Shondale “Tooka” Gregory was recently mentioned in a freestyle by Young MA.  In the freestyle, Young MA uses the term “Tooka” to describe marijuana.  “I smoke hookah like it’s Tooka, blowing jet clouds” the Brooklyn rapper declares.  Multiple Chicago rappers, including King Yella, have called Young MA out for the lyrics.

Shondale Gregory was 15-years-old when he was murdered by rival gang members in Chicago.  The incident occurred on January 12, 2011.  Shondale, whose nickname was “Tooka” was a member of the Gangster Disciples, a street gang founded by Larry Hoover.  When Hoover was 12, him and his criminal friends began referring to themselves as the supreme gangsters.

Shondale Tooka Gregory Young MA
Shondale Tooka Gregory Young MA

In the 1970s, Chicago gang leader, David Barksdale, developed the Black Disciple Nation.  In 1973, Hoover and Barksdale decided to join forces, creating the Black Gangster Disciple Nation.  Shondale was a member of the St. Lawrence Boys set of the Gangster Disciples.  We’re certain that Young MA didn’t mean to disrespect Tooka.
Young MA lost her older brother to gang violence therefore she understands the dangers of disrespecting members of a criminal gang.  Do you think Gangster Disciples should give her an easy pass if she apologizes? King Yella has made it clear that he doesn’t want to forgive Young MA.  What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below!

By Jason John

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