Sabriya Stukes, Patrick Mouratoglou – Serena Williams, Alexis Ohanian Engaged

Serena Williams is engaged to Reddit founder, Alexis Ohanian.  In 2011, Ohanian started dating microbiology student, Sabriya Stukes.  Earlier this year, Serena Williams was reportedly dating her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou.  Serena started working with Patrick in 2012.  He turned her career around, helping her win multiple Wimbledon titles.

In 2015, Williams was linked to rapper, Drake.  He was seen front and center at numerous tennis matches, including Serena’s 2015 Grand Slam loss.  Serena and Drake’s relationship didn’t last.  Drake eventually rekindled his relationship with Rihanna and he’s now dating Jennifer Lopez.

Sabriya Stukes Patrick Mouratoglou Serena Williams Alexis Ohanian Engaged
Sabriya Stukes Patrick Mouratoglou Serena Williams Alexis Ohanian Engaged

Ohanian met his ex-girlfriend, Sabriya Stukes, in college after she wondered into his dorm room.  Alexis was busy playing video games and she asked him if he knew where her friend was.  Ohanian told her that he was unsure.  Their interaction was solid foundation for a three-year relationship that recently ended.

Sabriya was most likely turned off by Ohanian’s busy schedule.  A schedule that Serena understands and appreciates.

The tweet above explains that Serena’s figure has been criticized over the past few years.  We’re happy for her and Alexis and can’t wait to see the ring!

The couple reminds us that it doesn’t matter what color your skin is.  Love is love.

By Jason John

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