Ray McDonald Baby Mama – Kendra Scott Video

Ray McDonald and his baby mama, Kendra Scott are seen in the horrific video at the bottom of this post.  Kendra is the former NFL player’s ex-fiancé.  Ray was the defensive end for the San Francisco 49ers from 2007 to 2014.  In 2015, he signed with the Chicago Bears but was released after being arrested for domestic violence.

The video is very emotional yet it does not show Ray assault Kendra.  The former NFL player was very mad at Kendra and refuses to let her leave.  Unlike former Baltimore Ravens player, Ray Rice’s domestic violence video, Kendra’s video does not show McDonald assault her.  It sounds like Kendra is chase by McDonald as she attempts to leave the house.

Ray McDonald Baby Mama Kendra Scott Video
Ray McDonald Baby Mama Kendra Scott Video

Chicago Bears fans are happy about the team’s decision to release McDonald:

The NFL has a serious domestic violence problem.  While players must be intense while they’re on-the-field competing, the same intensity should not be used around their families.  As a professional football player, McDonald was trained to attack the quarterback by any means necessary.

The position requires high levels of emotion and fury.  McDonald shows emotion and fury in the video below.  The NFL must do more to help players to understand the consequences of domestic violence.


By Jason John

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