Planets On Snapchat – Numbers, Relationship Meanings

The relationship meanings of the planets and numbers on Snapchat will be discussed in this article.  Mercury means that the person is single.  Venus means that the person has a crush on someone.  If you see Earth on Snapchat, it means the person is in a relationship.  Mars means that the individual is happy to be single.

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Jupiter means the person is married.  Saturn means the individual is engaged.  Uranus means it’s complicated.  If you see Neptune on Snapchat it means the person is willing to sleep with anyone.

Planets On Snapchat Numbers Relationship Meanings
Planets On Snapchat Numbers Relationship Meanings

Users are also using numbers on Snapchat:

  1. In a relationship
  2. Single
  3. It’s complicated
  4. Not ready
  5. Married
  6. Engaged

Shoe brands are also being used.  Here’s the key:

  • Jordan – Single
  • Nike – Taken
  • Adidas – It’s complicated
  • Puma – Have a thing
  • Lebrons – Crushin on someone
  • Yeezys – Feelings for ex
  • Sketchers – Just chill at the moment
Candy key:
  • Twix – In a relationship
  • Kit Kat – It’s complicated
  • Milky Way – Married
  • Skittles – Just broke up
  • Nerds – Engaged
  • Hershey’s – Looking for the one
  • M&M’s – Crushing

Which numbers, planets, sneaker and candy brands are most of your friends using? Let us know in the comment section below!