Merika Palmiste, Model, Marriage Boot Camp

Model, Merika Palmiste loses her cool on the ninth episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars sixth season “Jersey House Lies.” The couples take lie-detector tests in the episode.  Margeaux Simms’ honesty led Merika to get very upset.  Nikko and Margeaux are getting comfortable with each other in the kitchen when Merika interrupts.

Margo tells Merika that she was showing Nikko her heels and Merika asks what else Margo was showing Nikko.  Margo reveals that Nikko was trying to touch her ass.  You most likely recognize Nikko London from his 2014 sex tape with Mimi Faust.  Margeaux and Nikko got married in 2007.

Merika Palmiste Model Marriage Boot Camp
Merika Palmiste Model Marriage Boot Camp

In the video below, Margo and Nikko explain that they’ve been separated for more than four years but they’re still married.  After Margo reveals that Nikko tried to touch her ass, Merika gets upset and Nikko says that him and Margo are still trying to work their relationship out.

Nikko remind Merika that him and Margo are still married and Merika claps back, explaining that Margo is only his wife on paper.  Margo realizes that Palmiste is upset so she tries to change her story and tell her that Nikko didn’t try to touch her ass.  Merika calls Margo out for lying and demands her to divorce Nikko.

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