Mendeecees Harris Baby Mommas

Mendeecees Harris baby mommas have been turning up on Love and Hip Hop New York this season.  This article provides information about the three mothers of his four children.  First, we’ll discuss Samantha Wallace, the mother of his first son.  Next, we’ll discuss Erika DeShazo, Mendeecees second baby mother.  Yandy Smith is his third baby mother, discussed in the final section of this post.

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Samantha Wallace

Samantha is the mother of Mendeecees son, Lil Mendeecees.  She is receiving more attention in season 7 of Love and Hip Hop New York because Harris is now in prison.  Samantha didn’t mind her son, Lil Mendeecees spending time with Yandy when Mendeecees was around but now things have changed.  Samantha is on a mission to make Yandy understand a stepmother’s role.

Mendeecees Harris Baby Mommas
Mendeecees Harris Baby Mommas

Erika DeShazo

Erika is a newcomer on the series but she explains that she has been a major part of the Harris family for over a decade.  She is the mother of Mendeecees second son, Aasim.

The tweet above explains that Erika was not seen in the first few seasons of the reality series.  DeShazo’s family is well-known in the music industry making her perfect for the series.  She currently works in the fashion industry but a few years back she was at Hot 97 working for Bobby Trends.

Yandy Smith

Yandy is one of the show’s main cast members.  She is the mother of Harris’ youngest two children, Omere and Skylar.  Yandy is well-known in the hip-hop industry but she’s now trying to raise two children by herself.  Do you think her and Mendeecees’ relationship will last? He still has to serve about four more years in prison.