Mark, The Walking Dead Season 7

Mark is one of The Walking Dead‘s new characters.  On episode 7 of season 7, “Sing Me A Song” we see Negan brand Mark’s face with an iron.  Negan takes Carl into a room and then pulls Sherry (Christine Evangelista) aside to ask her about Amber cheating on him with Mark.  Amber is Mark’s ex-wife.

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Mark faints after Negan irons his face.  Negan decides to punish Mark after finding out that him and his Amber were reconnecting.  The scene is included in the episode to remind us how much power Negan possesses.  Negan makes sure that Amber watches Mark get tortured.  Check out Twitter’s response to the scene below!

Mark The Walking Dead Season 7
Mark The Walking Dead Season 7

The hilarious tweet below explains that Negan and Mark ironed things out.  You have to love Negan’s problem solving skills.

Negan loves connecting with friends and family via Facetime.

After I see some of the disgusting scenes on the series I tell myself that I can no longer watch.  Despite being terrified week after week, I can’t get enough of the series.

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The video below shows a sneak peak of The Walking Dead‘s next episode, “An Unwelcome Visitor”: