Lucky Whitehead Snapchat Name Post

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A Lucky Whitehead Snapchat post led the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver to get suspended.  He won’t play on Sunday, December 11, 2016 against the New York Giants.  The Cowboys left the 24-year-old, whose real name is Rodney Whitehead, at home after he missed a team meeting on Saturday morning.

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The wide receiver and kick returner went out with his teammates on Friday night.  After leaving his teammates, he used Snapchat to share a 3 AM post, letting the world know how his night continued.  The next morning, the entire Dallas Cowboys organization was left concerned about Lucky’s whereabouts.

Lucky Whitehead’s Snapchat name is MustBeLuck11:

Lucky Whitehead Snapchat Name Post
Lucky Whitehead Snapchat Name Post

Earlier this year, Lucky grabbed a job application to work at Popeyes.  It may have seemed like a joke at the time but if he doesn’t start taking his job as a professional football player more serious, he could end up working at Popeyes.

Lucky picked a horrible time to get suspended.  Although the Cowboys are on a 11-game win streak, the New England Patriots have the best odds to win the Super Bowl.  Football is all about momentum and everything was going right for Dallas before Lucky decided to act out.