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Lela Growing Up Hip Hop

Lela, Growing Up Hip Hop‘s turn up queen got Romeo Miller called out by his father, Master P in episode 7 of the show’s second season, “Straight Trippin.” Master P told Lela that he didn’t want a drink but she refused to take no for an answer.  Master P had to call her out for being drunk to make her stop offering him drinks.

Romeo believes in Lela and wants to make her a No Limit artist.  Master P warns his son that Lela’s addicted to partying.  Master P’s daughter, Tytyana, has a drug problem therefore Lela is the last person he wants in his studio.  She has been working with Master P’s other daughter, Cymphonique, but the Master P thinks Lela’s a horrible influence.

Lela Growing Up Hip Hop
Lela Growing Up Hip Hop

In episode 8, “Denial Ain’t Just a River in Egypt” Lela asks Romeo if “some friends can come through, like one or two?” Romeo says yes.  Lela doesn’t respect Romeo’s authority.  “One or two” friends became a studio party with about 20 people.  Romeo tells her that he needs to talk to her and they go to a private area of the studio.

Romeo calls her out for inviting so many people but she insists that she’s working hard.  Romeo wants to move forward with his plans to make her a No Limit recording artist but his father reminds him who built the tank.  Master P tells Romeo that it’s not happening because she’s a party animal and the company would end up losing money, in the long-run, if they were to sign Lela.

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