Jacqueline Craig, Brea Hymond Video – Fort Worth Police

On Wednesday, December 21, 2016, Jacqueline Craig called the Fort Worth, Texas police to report that a neighbor attacked her son for littering.  When the police officer showed up, he questioned the neighbor but then he shifted his attention to Jacqueline.  In the video below, Jacqueline tells her neighbor, “Don’t put your hands on my son.”

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“Why don’t you teach your son not to litter?” Instead of arresting Jacqueline’s neighbor for assaulting Jacqueline’s son, the police officer wants to know why Craig failed to teach her son not to litter.  Jacqueline claps back at the officer by explaining that her neighbor was unable to prove that her son littered.

Jacqueline Craig Brea Hymond Video Fort Worth Police
Jacqueline Craig Brea Hymond Video Fort Worth Police

Craig further explains that her neighbor didn’t have the right to put her hands on her son.  It doesn’t matter if he littered.  You cannot assault a person for littering.  The officer advises Jacqueline to stop yelling at him or he would take her to jail.  The officer’s comment was unreasonable, leading Craig and her family member to yell at the officer more.

One of the females that was arrested with Craig was her daughter, Brea Hymond.  The third individual that was arrested was Jacqueline’s other daughter.

In the video below, Craig explains how bad she felt after the incident.  She explains that she attempted to protect her child as she was unable to.  What do you think about this situation? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.