Is Stacey McKenzie Transgender?

Is Stacey McKenzie transgender? No, Stacey is not transgender.  She was born a female an is still a female.  Growing up, the supermodel was teased because of her appearance.  She was blonde with light skin.  Her mother pretended that she was crazy and that she believed Stacey was a doll.  A few decades later, McKenzie’s a supermodel!

The tone of Stacey’s voice has led some people to jump to the conclusion that she’s transgender.  As explained above, she’s not.  America’s Next Top Model season 23, episode 2, “Lights, Camera, Catwalk” showed the 14 contestants with Stacey in a runway boot camp.  Later, the contestants partake in a serious discussion about race issues in the United States.  Race is an issue McKenzie has struggled with her entire life.

Stacey McKenzie Transgender?
Stacey McKenzie Transgender?

Stacey didn’t have a happy childhood.  When she was a baby, people would tease her.  She eventually moved from Jamaica to Canada, where her life became tougher.  Stacey thought that she would be able to fit in when she moved to Canada, but that didn’t happen.

In Canada, people continued to tease her about her appearance.  Stacey’s confidence eventually shined bright like a diamond.  Once she started ignoring people’s negative comments, her modeling career took off!

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By Jason John

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