Is Negan Dead? – No, But He Needs To Go

Is Negan dead? Sorry Walking Dead fans.  Negan doesn’t die in the comics therefore he most likely won’t die in the television series.  In episode 8 of season 7, “Hearts Still Beating” Rosita tries to kill Negan but she misses.  Instead of his head, Rosita’s bullet hits Negan’s bat, Lucille.  Many believe that Negan’s the reason for the show’s viewership decline.

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Season 7 starts with the death of both Glenn and Abraham.  Both characters were fan favorites.  The show’s writers should have had Glenn die in episode 1 and then Abraham die in episode 2.  We’re not supposed to like Negan, but he won’t stop winning in season 7.  To make things worse, we know he isn’t dying anytime soon thanks to the comic series.

Is Negan Dead?
Is Negan Dead?

Not everyone hates Negan’s guts:

Can someone, not named Rosita, please put a bullet in Negan’s skull!

Spencer would still be alive if he would have chosen his words more carefully with Negan.

Who do you hate more? Negan or Donald Trump? Let us know in the comment section below!

RIP Spencer.  What a horrible way to die.

The Walking Dead returns on February 12, 2017! Do you think Negan will die this season? Do you want Negan to die this season? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!