Is Kim Wallace Gay? Love And Hip Hop New York

Is Kim Wallace gay? Yes, the reality star is gay.  The Shade Room explains that Kim’s ex-girlfriend’s niece, recently spilled some tea about Kim.  In the last episode of Love and Hip Hop New York, Kim had a guilty conscience, leading her to fake a heart attack.  No one does something like that unless they know they have been doing something wrong.

The niece of Wallace’s ex-girlfriend reveals that Lil Mendeecees was living with Kim’s ex-girlfriend.  Kim borrowed $10,000 from her ex-girlfriend and never paid her back.  Her ex-girlfriend bought several items for Lil Mendeecees and even let him sleep at her apartment.  The source confirmed Yandy’s claim that Samantha has not been in her son’s life.

Is Kim Wallace Gay?
Is Kim Wallace Gay?

The tweet below calls Kim out for flipping the table that her and Yandy were sitting at on the last episode of the series.

Yandy attempted to have a mature conversation with Kim but Kim overreacted.

Is Kim Wallace Gay?
Is Kim Wallace Gay?

If the information above is true, Judy Harris needs to attempt to get custody of Lil Mendeecees.  Kim proved that she is an unfit caretaker on the last episode of the series.  She should focus on her health and take some anger management classes.

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