Is Hugh Hefner Dead?

Is Hugh Hefner dead? No, the 90-year-old is alive, not dead.  

Earlier this year, Hefner sold the Playboy mansion for $100 million.  Billionaire, Charles Daren Metropoulos’ son, Daren Metropoulos, purchased the mansion, making it the most expensive home to ever be sold in Los Angeles, California.  Charles is worth over $2 billion.  In 2013, he purchased Hostess out of liquidation for $410 million.

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In 2012, Hostess’ Twinkies disappeared from stores around the world after the company filed for bankruptcy for the second time in a decade.  Luckily, Metropoulos purchased the company, streamlined operations and stopped using unionized workers.

Charles’ son, Daren, is currently 33-years-old.  He has lived next door to the mansion since 2009.  The heir to his father’s billion dollar fortune is a known party-goer so the mansion’s legacy will live on!

Is Hugh Hefner Dead?
Is Hugh Hefner Dead?

Hugh Hefner is alive therefore he’s still living in the mansion.  The property is a “living estate” which means Hugh will remain in the mansion until he passes away.  Patience is a virtue.  The deal originally fell through because Metropoulos wanted Hefner out the mansion immediately.  Hugh was able to convince him to allow him to stay in the mansion until he passes away.

The tweet below reveals how many panicked after hearing rumors about Hefner being dead.  Luckily, it was just the Internet being the Internet!

The following video shows his 90th birthday celebration: