How To Use Scissors On Snapchat

How do you use Snapchat’s Scissors tool? Scissors enable Snapchat users to cut out a portion of a Snap to use it as a sticker.  The company announced the new feature along with Groups and Paintbrush.  Look for Instagram to announce an identical update soon.  Use the instruction below to use the Scissors.

Scissors can be found on Snapchat’s preview screen so first, you have to take a picture.

  1. Select the Scissors icon on the top menu
  2. Use your finger to trace the portion of the image that you would like to transform into a sticker
  3. You can then use your fingers to adjust the size and position of your new sticker

How To Use Scissors On Snapchat
How To Use Scissors On Snapchat

If you don’t see the new features on your Snapchat app, make sure you have downloaded the latest update.  Similar to Snapchat’s past updates, the company is rolling out the new feature as quickly as possible.

Now that Instagram’s the new Snapchat and vice versa, how excited can you get about new unique features?

When new features drop, Snapchat users be like…

This video below shows just how creative Snapchat users are getting with the Scissors feature!

How do you like Snapchat’s new features? Let us know in the comment section below.

By Jason John

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