How Old Is Judith From The Walking Dead?

How old is Judith from The Walking Dead? Judith Grimes, the baby on The Walking Dead is about 3-years-old based on the comic series.  In season 5, the character was played a set of 2-year-old twins.  Judith has been played by nearly 20 different actresses.  In episode 7 of season 7, “Sing Me A Song” we see Negan meet baby Judith.  Carl watches, in fear, as Negan interacts with her.

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Does Negan Take Judith?

Episode 7 ends with Negan sitting on a porch in Alexandria with baby Judith.  He giggles in the chilling scene, leaving viewers praying for Judith’s safety.  If the television series follows the comic series’ story line, then Negan won’t take Judith.

How Old Is Judith From The Walking Dead?

Does Negan Kill Judith?

How does Judith die in The Walking Dead? Negan does not kill baby Judith in the comic series but the baby does die in the comic series.  In issue 48, her and her mother, Lori are accidentally shot by Lilly Caul.

The tweet below shows how much we wanted Negan to step away from the innocent child!

The keyword in the following tweet is “acting.” A person as evil as Negan should not be allowed to interact with children.

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