Graham Marsh From Catfish, Instagram

Follow Graham Marsh from the MTV show Catfish on Instagram.  His username is GrahamMarsh1.  The episode starts with a letter from Catherine to Nev and Max.  She explains that she just completed her first year of college in Long Island, New York and she’s in love with Graham who lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

The cyber couple met about two years ago.  Graham is a Southern Boy and Catherine loves his swag.  Catherine started talking to him after seeing his pictures online.  He gave Catherine his phone number and the two have been talking ever since.  Similar to other Catfish couples, Graham and Catherine have never had a successful video chat.

Graham Marsh From Catfish Instagram
Graham Marsh From Catfish Instagram

The screen is typically black on Graham’s end when they try to video chat.  He claims that his front camera is broken, which is difficult to believe.  Phone companies offer insurance plans these days.

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Graham is about to head to Florida for college and Catherine wants the truth.  Nev and Max reach out to Catherine and she explains how she found Graham.  She searched #countryboy on Instagram and Graham’s pic came up.  She then found him on Twitter and reached out.

Catherine explains that Graham is her first love.  She says that she was supposed to go to Tennessee to meet him but she back out.  Check out a clip from the episode below: