Gilbert Arenas Baby Mama Laura Govan

Gilbert Arenas’ baby mama, Laura Govan, has taken another loss in court.  The former couple are in a child support battle and the judge just reduced Gilbert’s payments.  Arenas was paying $40,000 a month and now he’s paying less than $10,000 a month.  The former NBA star is worth over $100 million.

Gilbert lives in Los Angeles, California where child support is based on income you’re currently earning as opposed to money you already have.  Gilbert has been petty about his victory, celebrating through numerous social media posts.  Arenas and Govan have four kids together.

Gilbert Arenas Baby Mama Laura Govan
Gilbert Arenas Baby Mama Laura Govan
We understand that Gilbert’s excited about the reduction but he has to consider the fact that his children love their mother.  Don’t stop battling in court to lower your payment but please stop being petty about the victory.  A child’s love for his mother is powerful and Laura’s children don’t want to see her kicked while she’s down.

The tweet above is just about as petty as you can be.  The sad part is that Gilbert has already spent a substantial amount of money in child support and $10,000 a month still adds up to $120,000 a year.  There are women out here that don’t receive any money from their baby fathers so Laura should be happy and Gilbert should remember that it’s all relative.  A decade from now he could be broke.

By Jason John

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