Genesis Cortes – Trey Songz Baby Mama?

Genesis Cortes is Trey Songz baby mama.  The New York stripper claims she is at least.  A fake Facebook page was created spreading this rumor.  Genesis dances at Starlet’s Gentlemen’s Club located in Woodside, New York.  A few months ago, Trey was spotted out on dates with Khloe Kardashian.

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Now that Khloe’s with Tristan Thompson, Trey Songz has been Mr. Lonely.  The singer, whose real name is Tremaine Neverson, was in a relationship with Tanaya Henry but they broke up earlier this year.  The former couple was together for about 7 years.  She most likely started calling him out about putting a ring on it.

Genesis Cortes Trey Songz Baby Mama
Genesis Cortes Trey Songz Baby Mama

Trey has all the right words, even if he doesn’t know how to spell them (their there).

Trey might not be adding a little one to his family but he understands the importance of family.  The video below shows the singer and numerous members of his family.  They explain how they’ll be spending the holidays.
If you want to live a happier life, follow Trey’s blueprint and spend more time with your family.  Trey explains how much he loves driving around the neighborhood that raised him and interacting with his loved ones.  Trey makes Virginia proud in “Comin Home”: