‘Empire’ Season 3 Quick Recap: “What We May Be”

Empire What We May Be
Let’s get right to it: This episode of Empire is all about Loretha “Cookie” Lyon and we learn so much about her this week.
  • Jamal packages his album with family home videos, which sets off Cookie with some badmemories from her father.
  • In flashbacks, viewers learn that Cookie’s dad kicked her out for being with (and harboring guns/drug money for) Lucious. Three days later, he died of a heart attack, presumably from the stress of young Loretha’s choices. Originally, he had big plans for her, like medical school
  • Cookie makes a poor impression of Angelo’s mother, so she sets up another dinner with her and the Lyons. She also consults her sister Candace on “how to be a society b*tch.”
  • At the dinner, Lucious manipulates Hakeem into bringing Bella, which in turn brings Anika and Lucious to the dinner. Jamal shows up high as a kite. 
  • And Andre, he brings Freda Gatz to Nessa’s gathering instead.
  • Jamal sings a touching song about how much Cookie has sacrificed for her family. Lucious leaves, sensing that his manipulations won’t work anymore that night.
  • Turns out, Angelo’s mom can relate to Cookie — the DuBois family also had some questionable beginnings as well.
  • Freda performs at Nessa’s family party.