Did Rosita Kill Negan? – No She Misses His Skull And Hits Lucille

Did Rosita kill Negan? In The Walking Dead season 7, episode 8, “Hearts Still Beating” we see Rosita in Alexandria.  She tells Gabriel that she’s determined to kill Negan.  Rosita doesn’t mind losing her own life, as long as Negan dies first.  Rosita’s attempt to put a bullet in Negan’s skull is a failure.

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Rosita misses Negan and hits Lucille.  A complete waste of the bullet that Eugene made her.  The Saviors get their revenge by killing a random Alexandrian.  They chose Olivia as punishment for Rosita’s attempt to kill Negan.  Arat killed Olivia after Negan ordered him to kill someone for Rosita’s actions.

Did Rosita Kill Negan?
Did Rosita Kill Negan?
Not too sure how Rosita could have missed when she was so close to Negan!?

Lucille is magical according to the following tweet.  That’s the only way to explain Rosita’s missed shot.

The scariest thing about Negan is how unpredictable he is.  I thought he would definitely kill Rosita after she tried to kill him.

The following tweet explains that beast mode Carol could have put a bullet in Negan’s skull! Do you agree?

Lucille saved Negan’s life.  Shame on Rosita!

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