Did Ronda Rousey Win Her Belt Back? TKO

What happened in the Ronda Rousey fight? Did she win her belt back? No, Rousey lost her fight to Amanda Nunes in 48 seconds.  Scroll down to see the most hilarious Twitter reactions to the TKO.  One of the funniest Twitter reactions came from Amanda Nunes.  That’s right, she shared a comical meme.  Scroll down to check it out.

Ronda Rousey has some serious soul searching to do.  The mixed martial artist turns 30 on February 1, 2017 and she may want to retire.  She has been exposed.  She was a good fighter but her true gift is entertainment.  We fell in love with her personality not her fighting skills.  She’s no longer the confident fighter with all the right words.

Did Ronda Rousey Win Her Belt Back? TKO
Did Ronda Rousey Win Her Belt Back? TKO

The tweet below shows Amanda Nunes pushing Rousey in a stroller.  With any other fighter, this would be wrong.  When you’re fighting someone with a personality like Ronda’s this is acceptable.

The grand champ:

Rousey will most likely retire.  Hopefully she’ll land a respectable job:

Check out half of the fight in the short clip below:

As explained above, Rousey is an easy target.  During her time on top, she made her opponents feel horrible.  Karma is real.

The hilarious tweet below compares Ronda’s knockout to the way you feel when you take a Xanax:

Do you think Rousey should retire?

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