Cisco Rosado From Love And Hip Hop

Cisco Rosado was seen on Love and Hip Hop New York‘s sixth episode of season 7, “Lock and Key.” In the episode, he surprises Mariahlynn while she’s rehearsing.  Cisco appeared on Love and Hip Hop season 6.  He explains that him and Mariahlynn have some unfinished business that he wants to sort out.

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Cisco Rosado Ethnicity

Cisco Rosado is Puerto Rican.  The Instagram post below explains that he represents Puerto Rico.

Although Cisco represents Puerto Rico, in the post above he sends love to his Dominicans, Columbians, Panamanians, Jamaicans, Trinidadians and Haitians.

Cisco Rosado From Love And Hip Hop
Mariahlynn is very surprised to see Cisco.  She explains that she recently handled Rich Dollaz, therefore she’s shocked to see Cisco show up.  Last season, Cisco downplayed the relationship between himself and Mariahlynn.  Cisco claimed that the relationship was a plot to get back at Rich.

Mariahlynn told Cisco about himself last season, so Cisco wanted to apologize.  Cisco’s apology seems sincere, but Mariahlynn tells him that it’s too late.  Cisco then reveals that his mother is sick, leading Mariahlynn to open up.

Mariahlynn explains that her mother also has a brain aneurysm.  The two entertainers share a very emotional moment.  Mariahlynn tells Cisco that he has to be strong.

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