Christine McDonald, Kristinia DeBarge Mother

Christine McDonald is Kristinia DeBarge’s mother.  Christine gave birth to Kristinia on March 8, 1990.  Christine was a teen when her and James DeBarge welcomed Kristinia.  Prior to his relationship with Christine, James was in a serious relationship with Janet Jackson.  James and Janet got married in 1984 but their marriage was annulled in 1985.

In Growing Up Hip Hop‘s seventh episode of season 2, “Straight Trippin” we see Kristinia visit Boogie Dash in the studio.  Kristinia informs Boogie that she has invited her father to the session and Boogie is excited to finally meet him.  Kristinia plays a song for her father and then asks him for feedback.

Christine McDonald Kristinia DeBarge Mother
Christine McDonald Kristinia DeBarge Mother

James explains that he is unable to provide feedback because he’s still high.  The sad scene reminds us that the former singer is dealing with serious drug problems.

James’ drug addiction makes it very difficult to believe his story about him and Janet possibly having a daughter.  Many believe that he sold the false story to make some quick cash.

Do you think James is telling the truth? Does Janet Jackson secretly have a daughter? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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