Beyoncé Gorilla Mode 2

Beyoncé “Gorilla Mode 2” was released yesterday according to Google.  The notification was a mistake.  The search engine got the singer mixed up with a mixtape title Gorilla Mode 2 by King B.  The Bey Hive is constantly on Bey Watch after the singer’s 2013 surprise album Beyoncé.  Queen Bey did recently release her standalone video, “All Night.”

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Beyoncé’s video for “All Night” is an individual clip from the singer’s most recent album, Lemonade.  The amazing visual features footage from Beyoncé’s personal home videos.  Her husband, Jay-Z is seen in the video along with her daughter, Blue Ivy.  Scroll towards the bottom of this post to see the video.

Beyoncé Gorilla Mode 2
Beyoncé Gorilla Mode 2

The singer’s fans went crazy after finding out that she released the video on YouTube.

Vevo posted some cool clips from the video.  Beyoncé is one of the busiest entertainers in the world.  It’s great seeing her spending quality time with her family.

It didn’t take the video a long time to reach over 1 million YouTube views.  Queen Bey loves reminding us that she runs the world.

The singer released Lemonade over 6 months ago and fans are listening to the album like it’s brand new!

Check out Beyoncé’s video for “All Night” below: